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First Monday of My Christmas Vacation 
20th-Dec-2010 05:11 pm
I'm still in my pajamas. The cold is so out of character for this area that I'm hit with reminiscing-moments. It was cold and rainy like this mostly everyday of where I'm from originally. I take comfort in the fact that I'm leaving for home tomorrow! There's snow on the mountain and everything! I'll get to go to the beach and go frolic in the snow in the same day.

I woke up pretty early considering I've been sleeping in till 2PM these days to take advantage of the freedom this vacation has given me. My Sims 3 playing hasn't been that involved. I haven't played that much, which is surprising. I guess cause my computer is kind of slow and I feel bad about wasting my time on this game. I should be doing other things: writing my manuscript/screenplay, getting good samples down for my UCLA application, reading.
Though my roommate went to the library today and she got me a couple books I've been meaning to read-- Bridget Jones' Diary and Jane Austen Book Club. I asked her to get these books for me and she said, "So what, you're going to mope around?" Yes, Krystle, I am going to mope around this vacation. I am still single.
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