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14th-Dec-2010 11:17 pm
it's 11PM and I am beat.
I had a Biology final today on genetics; went in pretty confident, and left completely bewildered by the whole thing. After studying in the library for a little bit I went to get my eyes checked at the optometrist. He was a new doctor so I wasn't really expecting to get this type of guy. He had so much personality. Very expressive and instructional (that's what she said).

Since it was my first time in his office he decided he'd "educate" me on contact use. This was extremely informative, but might as well have bene named "Let's Make Rachell Afraid of Life!" He told me about a patient he just had that lost her eyesight due to a parasite in her eyeball; another guy who kept buying cheap brand contacts and suffocated his eye to become blind; told me my unmedicated thyroid condition could lead to a fatal spontaneous aneurysm (and it just so happened, a case was just on the local news last night about this!).

I am afraid of everything now.

shit's scary.
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